Digital Creatives Oxford

Digital Creatives Oxford is an independent networking group, run by volunteers and supported by Film Oxford, that host free meetings featuring speakers, hot tips, networking and informal pub meetings to link up people with an interest in cutting edge creative practices. (The group started in 2009 and recently merged with Digital Film Editors Oxford group). Speakers have included Filmmakers, Editors & Visual Effects people, Photographers, Animators, Digital Artists, Web Designers, Game Designers, Interactive 3D people, Drone Operatives and cutting edge people who are hard to classify. (Full list of previous speakers below).

You can find the groups meetup here Digital Creatives Oxford. The group also have their own website

All events are Free and usually run on 3rd Thursday of every other month from 7.30pm-9.00pm, then pub afterwards!

Next Meeting: Thursday 16th June @Film Oxford  (future meetings can be found here Digital Creatives Oxford


Next meeting 

Thursday 16th June @Film Oxford 7.30 pm

VR Night (Virtual Reality)

An opportunity to immerse yourself in virtual reality. Bring your own VR demo / software or just enjoy having a go with this exciting medium.

Please get in touch if you would like to participate with an exhibition of your own work or of a favourite example of VR.

Details & RSVP Digital Creatives Oxford


More information

Digital Creatives Oxford purpose is to encourage cross-fertilization between different creative fields, including digital filmmakers, editors, photographers, designers and web people .

Their  Page Digital Creatives Oxford  run by John Twycross & Dariusz Dziala

Previous Meetings

21st April 2016 @FilmOxford

Adobe’s Richard Curtis will joined us in Oxford to provide a guided tour of Photoshop’s 3d tools. He demonstrated how to work with virtual models to enhance photos, explain 3d printing functions, look at the character posing for stills and more. This “Deep DIve” session was an opportunity to explore in detail this powerful, under used aspect of this classic software package.

Thursday December 17th 2015 at 7.30pm @ MODERN ART OXFORD 30 Pembroke St, Oxford OX1 1BP

Visual FX for Film & TV with Ken Turner

Ken Turner will present an illustrated talk on a range of work from high budget BBC dramas to micro budget sci-fi shorts, including the recent PoldarkThe Paradise, and BAFTA winning series The Fades. The talk will cover a range of techniques including matte painting, invisible mending, creatures, motion graphics, and more.

An illustrator at heart Ken has spent the last 15 years leading teams in animation and visual effects mainly for drama on the BBC but also for computer games.

Ken Turner

is an award winning visual effects supervisor and animation director with almost 20 years’ experience working in TV and games.

Thursday November 19th 2015 at 7.30pm

Great event with Adobe Specialists Richard Curtis & Niels Stevens from Adobe.

Niels gave demo’s on new creative cloud video features; biggest was incorporation on most of Speed Grades grading features into Premiere (so Premiere becomes a cutting and Grading programme!). Also nice new features in After Effects and the fun character animator app. (Plus mobile apps and more). @clunesy75

Richard concentrated on Photoshop & Lightroom, and went into details of the photo apps for mobile devises, and how these can speed up workflow for photographers. @richardcurtis


Thursday October 15th 2015 at 7.30pm @ Film Oxford 54 Catherine Street, Oxford OX4 3AH

3D character animation online with Mixamo/Adobe

John Twycross demonstrated products from Mixamo the online 3D character animation company acquired by Adobe in June of this year. Mixamo’s products are expected to be included in Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering in the New Year.

John Twycross is Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Production, Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment, Oxford Brookes University

Thursday, 17th September, 2015 at 7.30pm @ Audiomotion (Wheatley)

audiomotion reduced


Special Meeting at Audiomotion Studios – Europe’s largest performance Motion Capture Company

MEETING REPORT Great meeting at Audiomotion Motion Capture and Oxford Studios. Over 100 people attended, and many more wanted to come to this sold out event. The evening was lead by Brian Mitchell, Operations Director at Audiomotion and Founder of The Mocap Academy with great support from Sian Bruce and Deane De-Beger of The Lens Foundry.
Deane introduced everyone to the large green screen studio, (with very high ceiling), big enough for cranes and to fly drones inside. Brian took us through the motion capture process and how they use in TV productions, major games and Hollywood Productions. It was particularly great to the actors movements in the studio, being mirrored by the animated character he was playing live on screen (
in an animated fantasy environment). The operator could then use virtual camera’s to shoot the scene from any angle, and included a virtual hand held camera to give more realistic movements. In all a very successful event with great feedback from attendees.

Audiomotions Facebook page

Oxford Film Studios

We will introduce you to Oxford Film Studios brand new green screen facility. You will be given a tour of the premises and get to see some of the great new kit we have available for hire.

Oxford Film Studios Facebook page Oxford Film Studios The Lens Foundry

audiomotion studio

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

we went for a drink and a chat at The Rusty Bicycle Pub, in Magdalen Road


Thursday, May 21, 2015 at 7.30pm @ Film Oxford

Drones – Aerial Filming & Photography.

Speaker,  Matthew Nicholson of HOLLYWOOD DRONES

dones 1

Matt Nicholson of Hollywood Drones and his colleague Danny MacGreggor Gill brought drones to our May meeting at Film Oxford and talked about the applications and challenges of deploying drones for aerial filming and photography.

Surveying, search and rescue, 3D mapping, building inspection and parcel delivery are just a few of the uses to which drones are being applied today in addition to the more usual aerial photography and filming. Numerous members of the meeting’s audience have drones of various sizes and capabilities.

Matt’s professional background is in aviation which made it easier for him to gain Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission to fly an Small Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) for commercial purposes. This permission required that Matt attend a 2 day ground school, plus theory tests on air law, operation of the unmanned aircraft and a risk assessment of flying procedures. In addition he was required to set up an Operations Manual to show how he intended to operate the aircraft.

After discussing the CAA legalities of flying where the pilot is flying within line-of-site up to 500 metres distance Matt showed us his DJI S900 drone. This aircraft requires two-man operation, a pilot to fly the aircraft and an operator to manipulate the camera during flight.

Weighing in at more than 7kg the aircraft carries a GH4 Lumix Olympus camera. The GH4 operates on a radio-controlled 3-axis gimbal and imagery is monitored in real time on a radio connected tablet. Satisfactory filming with a drone was said to take up to three times longer than a ground based cameraman.

To demonstrate the capabilities of the S900 Matt showed a short film he had shot of the new maths building at Oxford University for HobsonCurtis Films.

Matt pointed out that CAA permission is not required for social flying of smaller drones providing that “the aircraft will not be flown close to people or properties, and you will not get ‘valuable consideration’ (i.e. payment) from the flight”. [source]

Film Oxford and Hollywood Drones are planning to run courses on filming with drones in the near future


Thursday 16th April 2015 at 7.30pm @ Film Oxford

“The fantastic and the invisible” – Ken Turner on Video Effects (VFX) for TV

Ken Turner mesmerised our “standing room only at the back” April meeting with his of 2D 3D generalist animation and composition work showing spaceships, aliens, angels, falling bombs, helicopters crashing into skyscrapers; all without anyone being hurt in the making of the film. An illustrator at heart Ken has spent the last 15 years leading teams in animation and visual effects mainly for drama on the BBC but also for computer games. His most recent success was creating composite scenes for the BBC production Poldark. He used Poldark as an example on how he used 3d elements created in 3d software and 2d elements created in Photoshop to create a convincing scene from the 17th Century.

Thursday 19th March 2015 at 7.30pm @ Film Oxford

Traak! is a wearable device that allows users to ‘play’ an animated futurist sculpture and create the ‘future sounds’ of cities. In this interactive installation, participants can use Traak! to explore the possibilities of Augmented Reality (AR) and reconsider their relationship with art, technology, and the environment.

Meeting Report
John Twycros and Eric White show of augmented reality product Traak. Eric kicked off with the artistic concept behind the product which was influenced by Avant-garde artists in the early 20th century creating machines to create an artistic audio experience. Traak uses a specially created app, and a hacked mobile, in an enclosed headset, with high quality headphones, to give a video overlay of reality (as the eyes would see), with superimposed 3d graphical explosions that are triggered by patterns printed on cubes.
I would described it as like downing 10 expressos at once – or an endorphin stimulation device – Richard


John Twycross and Eric White


Thursday 19/2/15

This month we invited members to share their favourite websites, blogs, short videos and e-zines with the group. People brought along the URLs to show.

The sort of sites we are thinking of are technical resources for developers, film-makers, designers and editors; domestic resources; entertainment; news and current affairs; education. In fact without limit (but keep the party clean and the videos short!).


Short Films:
Zoe Broughton
Keith Hoult

Resource websites:
Film Oxford Talent & Crew Skills Database
Shooting People crew recruiting
BBC Technology – test your broadband speed

Inspirational websites:
MUBI curated online cinema
BBC News in pictures
The Boston Globe ‘Big Picture’
Completing Barcelona’s ‘Sagrada Familia’ basilica temple

Industry event:
BVE broadcast and production technology event

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this evening of resources.


Thursday 15/01/15

Becoming a Google Business View Photographer by Guy Henstock

google business view
Guy spoke about Google Business View and his experience of becoming a Google Trusted Photographer, the steps required, the equipment necessary, the process of a shoot, the tools used to create a tour and the strict rules that Google impose.  He also demonstrated how a tour can be imbedded in a website and his own Adobe Edge Animate solution for embedding multiple tours. To view Guy’s portfolio at Software Assistance  click here and scroll down the page.
2) Demonstration of creating a title sequence using After Effects & Photoshop by Sathya Vijayendran
Sathya Vijayendran
Sathya is Video editor and shooter & motion graphics designer recently relocated from the USA, previous clients range from small companies to conglomerates in public relations, marketing and advertising such as L’Oréal, Microsoft, Google, Pfizer, 1-800-Flowers, Edelman and MWW Group. He has recently released his comedy web series, “Robby’s Guide To Picking Up Chicks”, a parody on the dating show, which he wrote, directed, filmed, and edited. He showed the title sequence and did a walkthrough of the steps of creating it in Photoshop and After Effects. Sathya’s vimeo channel He also talked about resources he uses on a website called video copilot

Thursday 11th December Xmas Drinks

Good time had by all at the Royal Blenheim pub in Oxford.

Thursday 20th November

This month there were three short talks and/demos.

Magic Lantern – John Twycross
John demonstrated the various facilities that can be enabled on a Canon camera by downloading the open source application Magic Lantern.

Magic Lantern can be downloaded from, it is a free software add-on that runs from the SD/CF card and adds a host of new features to Canon EOS cameras that weren’t included from the factory by Canon.

Most popularly known for its video features Magic Lantern also adds an array of features for stills photography. John showed amongst other features the so called ‘Intervalometer’ which allows you to take pictures or movies at fixed interval times. He also showed how Magic Lantern can enable fine control for ISO, shutter, Kelvin white balance and other image settings.

Magic Lantern’s features range from audio through video control to image overlays and display tweaks that adjust the live view on screen. The application is downloaded onto the SD/CF card which also records the cameras exposures and therefore is a temporary installation whilst the card is in place. Removing the card restores the camera back to its factory settings. Thank you to John who also pointed out that Magic Lantern mentions that similar functions are available for Nikon users at

Low light photography – Roger Gilboy
Photographer Roger Gilboy talked about his approach to photography under low light conditions telling us that he is “no fan of flash”, preferring to “shoot in natural light”.

Roger discussed the factors affecting exposure, shutter speed, aperture and ISO rating commenting that no one factor could be considered on its own as the three work together. He showed excellent examples of how high shutter speeds can freeze movement whereas slow shutter speeds can be employed to create mood and motion.

Further examples (like this on the right) showed how low f-stops open the aperture to its fullest, causing low depth of field which can be used to isolate a subject on a shallow plane. High f-stops closing down the aperture result in deeper field of focus where much more of the image is sharp.

Finally Roger discussed the benefits and drawbacks of high ISO speeds which enable pictures to be captured in low light conditions but can introduce  noise if the highest settings are used. Originally used to signify film speed the ISO setting on a digital camera amplifies the the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor. Thank you Roger and congratulations on your two awards this year

Getting the best out of YouTube – Dave Perry
Dave Perry made a welcome return to update us on the new features available at YouTube.

“Google change and update YouTube regularly” he said. A host of new capabilities have been added since Dave’s previous talk in April last year. In particular YouTube has been focusing on becoming very mobile friendly and adopting the wide screen format. Music is the most popular subject followed in popularity by entertainment with a very high volume of gaming. Electronics are the most significant subject in the marketing arena.

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing service with over 100 hours of video being uploaded every minute and 6 billion hours of video watched every month. the default maximum duration for YouTube videos is 15 minutes and the average is 4.4 minutes. Dave pointed out that statistics show that long and very short videos are most unpopular.

Dave advised all who want to upload their own videos to YouTube should verify their account as this unlocks a lot of additional capabilities. Creating titles, tags and key words are vital to users finding your videos; Dave talked about ‘video-friendly keywords’ which help to drive views and engagement. Thanks Dave, another great update!

Dave’s slides are available to download from this link.


Thursday 16th October 2014 Micro Four Third Lenses and video production (+ Raffle)

Adam Hale used the Cannon C100 to illustrate his workflow from pre to post production. incl., setting up the camera (picture profiles, ISO, WB, shutter etc), lens choices for different types of shoot, audio recording, logging and backing up rushes, and editing in premiere, He also gave us a great tip on how to batch rename the gobbledegook filenames cameras generate into usable names using Adobe Bridge, (It only takes a few seconds but saves loads of potential time and problems).

Jim Gwilliam gave a talk on Micro Four Third Lenses (M43) that are used on some video and stills cameras (including the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera which he brought along). He showed various lenses, gave money saving tips and showed how speed-boosters can not only dramatically improve performance of your camera in low light, but it also makes your lens wider!

oct 14 winner

Raffle winner Noman Gulzae (1 years Adobe Creative cloud subscription)


Thursday 18th September Portfolio Night – Show us your work!

Eight creatives showed portfolios, The portfolios in order of presentation:
Sharon Woodward, Filmmaker, documentary ‘Symarip’.
Harry Pill, Multimedia producer, showreel and introduction to free video stock footage library.
David Fisher, Photographer, portfolio website.
David Murray, Photographic essay inspired by the Situationists.
Toby Matthews, Book designs for print and mobile apps.
Zoe Broughton, Campaigner and protest filmmaker. Documentary ‘Wool against weapons’ and short video of Didcot Power Station cooling towers demolition.
Rod Harbinson, Environmental journalist. Short videos of street protests against Thai military coup.
Ken Turner, Visual effects and animation supervisor. Showreel of visual effects and animations.


People who presented portfolios

Monday 14th July at Said Business School – SPECIAL EVENT

Creative Cloud Event (Create Now 2014 tour)

Over 90 people came to this special event with Adobe specialists Niels Stevens and Tony Harmer gave presentations on the upcoming new features of the Creative Cloud for filmmakers, photographers, artists and designers.

They demstrated and took questions on the latest features in this new release of “Adobe Creative Cloud 2014″, including Premiere, After Effects, Speedgrade, Photoshop & more. They showed how in this 2014 release, there are features that will make your everyday post-production tasks easier and faster, and how support for cutting-edge hardware and standards will free you to build anything you can imagine.

digital event 2
digital event

Special event at Said

Thursday 19th June 2014 at 7.30pm

Responsive Web Design and PhoneGap

Thanks to Liz Myers who stood in last minute  for Matt Gifford. She gave a very intereting and informative talk based on the development of her own phone app for iphone, android and windows phone.


Liz with raffle winner, and person who downloaded the app first on the night

Thanks to Monica who wrote a great review of the night see

Thursday 15th May 2014

Blackmagic design is an Australian company that originally created a range of post-production equipment. The have moved in the last few years into camera equipment by producing 4k cinema cameras significantly cheaper than their rivals, bringing much excitement and anticipation to low budget film-makers around the world.

Blackmagic Night Review, Great turn out of 30, quite a few new attendees including many local TV professionals. Richard kicked off with a brief look at Blackmagic Intensity HDMI capture card, stop motion & Premiere. Dariusz gave a video presentation on Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio, including photoshop preset for creating live graphics. Martyn Chalk from Chalkstar films was a great speaker, he not only brought two of his blackmagic cameras but he also brought his cameraman too so he could answer the very technical questions some of the audience asked. He also showed some of his companies work using the cameras. Questions started off on pro’s and con’s of DSLRs Verses Blackmagic, through to postproduction workflow, grading, lenses and customisation. One audience brought in his own homemade blackmagic camera batteries he had made! There was a raffle for a years subscription to the Creative Cloud, thanks to Adobe. The prize was won by Luca Koch; and quite a few went to pub after.

Photo’s Chalky & Boyd

Blackmagic camera + raffle winner Luca koch.

Thusday 17th April

Lightroom masterclass with Photographer Tigz Rice

Tigz Rice, professional fashion and boudoir photographer, will give a Masterclass in Lightroom.

Full Report on our meet-up page

Thursday 20th March @ 7.30pm

Animation for the mobile web

(Joint Meeting with Digital Creative Oxford). Iona Walters  demonstrated how Edge Animate syncs audio files, makes animations responsive for different screen sizes and adds JavaScript to extend projects. Iona showed just how Edge Animate CC is used to create HTML5 animations. We all particularly liked the ladybird on the leaf, and the train on the bridge animations, and she showed how they were easy to create and with an interface very familar to Premiere & After Effects users. – and Iona predicted a boom in such web-based animations now HTML5 is becoming the new web standard, She also demonstraed some of the other Edge tools.

She also did another demo using “symbols” – If you missed out she has the full tutorial on her website

3D night – 20th February 2014

Report from 3d Meeting inm Feb 14
Darius Dziala demonstrated Maxon Cinema 4D Lite integrated with the last release of After Effects CC. Objects and scenes from CINEMA 4D can be used directly as footage inside After Effects without rendering first.

Animation designer Natasha Warmingham of talked about the wide range of materials available for printing in 3D, such as plastic, metal, precious metals, wax, ceramics and sandstone. Printing the characters in 3D plastic Natasha sends her designs to or who print the final 3D product and ship it back to her.

John Twycross, lecturer at Oxford Brookes, has been working with 3D for the last decade. He brought along and demonstrated his Sony Bloggie 3D Camera, and demonstrated 3D scanning with an Xbox Kinect motion controller, He scanned a 3D model on a chair the interactive results were visible on the screen.

after effects


cinema 4d and After effects

Portfolio night – 16th January 2014

15 people presented their portfolios (or a piece of recent work that they were proud of and wanted to show the group) in 5-8 minute slots to an audience of 28 people. Eight people showed video work and another seven showed photographic or design work (it was a joint meeting with Oxford Digital Creatives)  This was not a night of critique but a night to celebrating members creativity and started the new year on a high! The night was a big success, with more people waning to show their work than could be accommodated, and so another is being planned for the Summer/Autumn.

Film Oxford - Adobe Groups meeting January 2014


Christmas Drinks – 12th December 2013

We met at The Royal Blenheim, on the corner of St. Ebbs and Pembroke Street, next door to Modern Art Oxford from 7:30 for tech chat, card tricks and drinking.

20th Nov 2013

Video update
Richard and Dariusz looked at the new releases on Premiere and After Effects that came out at the end of October 2013.


Richard looked at the new link between Premiere and Speedgrade – including how to tweek the pre-set “lumetri looks” colour effects that come in Premiere in Speedgrade, and then reopen those tweeked images back in Premiere to continue editing. He also looked at some other new features including timecode monitor overlays, sequence previews, new “insert still image” options, and more export options in media encoder.

Dariusz looked particularly at the improved “detail preserving” video up-scaling functions in After Effects, so archive footage in older formats and resolutions (like VHS or miniDV) can be upscaled to HD or 4k,  particularly useful for documentaries using archive footage. He also looked at other improvements including quicker “warp stabilisation” – digitally removing camera wobble!


Raffle winner
Winner of the Premiere and Pro free raffle for a one-year subscription to Creative Cloud was Karina Capitman.

Online video streaming
This month’s meeting successfully piloted the use of Adobe Connect, enabling some volunteers to watch and interact with the meeting over the Internet. We are planning to make this a regular feature of future meetings.


Photographer’s choice?
Glenn talked about the origins and uses of Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom; particularly showing the large number of file types that Bridge can display. He went on to discuss the various licencing options for Photoshop and Lightroom, in particular the Photoshop Photography Program that is currently on offer at Adobe (follow the link for details).

He gave a quick demonstration of his own workflow for his photography through Lightroom, showing how he uses camera raw to shoot his images and then processes them in Lightroom. Glenn demonstrated the benefits of Bridge to display many different file types on the screen at once; with a PDF, a video and a jpg all visible. As a designer he then opened the jpg to edit in Photoshop and proceeded to add text as if creating artwork for a



17th October 2013

Due to family illness the planned speaker was unable to attend so we had a pub social instead.

19th September 2013

Steve Burnard – Adobe UK Product Manager gave an overview of creative cloud wioth particular emphasis on Photoshop,

Niels Stevens – Business Development Manager, Adobe Video gave us an overview of video production process, starting from script and finishing with exporting to media and demonstrated us how Adobe applications can make different stages of the process faster and easier.

Timothy Robin Parsons won the main prize of one-year’s free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud


August 7th 2013

“Introduction to the Creative Cloud”

A whirlwind tour around the Creative Cloud, four short demos (15mins each) then we went off to the Rusty Bike for a summer social.

Glenn Clarkson – ‘The myths and magic of Creative Cloud’ and at how CC works in practice and try to dispel some of the myths, as well as talk about the magic stuff like having one CC subscription but Windows and Mac versions of everything….Also look one new feature in photoshop and one in dreamweaver,

Richard Duriez – What’s new in Premiere CC a quick look at the interface, and demo  new & improved features including instant grading “looks”, autosyncing your multicam footage, and new multicam interface, and better copy effects.

Dariusz Dziala– Whats new in After Effects and a quick look at the other tools used in video production such as Prelude, SpeedGrade, Story, Audition and Photoshop.

Alun Ward –  Responsive sites with Adobe Edge Reflow,  device testing with Adobe Edge Inspect

June 20th 2013

Guy Henstock – Introducing his photoshop plugin her created

Guyspoke about a Photoshop plugin project he worked on at the end of last year. Although Guy has been a Photoshop user for more than 14 years, he had never developed a plugin before. Guy talked about how he came to be asked to develop the plugin, the process of learning ActionScript through to the final stages of the project.

Pimp My Zombie (FKAFOUG)

The group formerly known as “Flash Oxford User Group” are launching a competition called Pimp My Zombie. They sahred a complete set of artwork on the ever popular zombie theme. This included animated characters, location graphics and sounds. In fact everything you might need to make a game, animation or even a documentary film!

There were 2 x software draws for those attending and two people won a years subscription to the Creative Cloud.

It was a free event @filmoxford (7:30 – 9:00pm then we went to the Rusty Bicycle pub  afterwards!)

May 16th 2013

This month’s free event at Film Oxford sees a takeover by Neil C Smith and Oxford Hackspace. Neil C Smith showcases the latest version of his Praxis – free software for  mixing sounds and video  live events, and other members of Oxford Hackspace show their wares.

April 18th 2013

Getting the most out of Youtube  with Dave Perry Great talk to a packed house on how to use the advanced features of including  how you can use the free branding, tagging and analytics functions on YouTube to make sure more people watch your lovingly-created content. David kindly let us upload his slideshow Film Oxford Getting the most from YouTube.

(also there was discussion about a film that uses such features to create interactive film Richard Roaf  said he would pass on to those interested –  “#DELETE CONTROL/ Would you dare to upload the truth?” and the link is here )

plus – Enhancing films with POV shots with Roger Gilboy –  Rogers interesting talk on adding POV shots which can greatly enhance a films appeal, and is increasingly used by mainstream media. He showed examples of how using a GoPro video camera can give a more intimate feel to a film, editing in the GoPro shots with main camera shots in premiere timeline (Including him swimming with sharks).

March 21st 2013 @ Film Oxford

Talks on DSLR’s, After Effects,  News and other Techy Topics, Tonight!

Main talk from Dariusz about Panasonic GH3 DSLR camera, camera workflow, including samples of work he has shot with it,  and use with Premiere, after Effects etc.

February 21st 2013  John Cole  Adobe, HTML5 and Flash

@ Brookes – Main Lecture Hall at Oxford Brookes, Gyspsy Lane

It was an insightful talk on future of Flash, how HTML5 will change things and the new adobe edge tools.

15th November 2012

Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4 with Head of Digital Imaging at Adobe UK, Richard Curtis

Richard  talked about his travel and street photography and portraiture, and how to get the best from the tools in Photoshop and Lightroom. The evening was based on real world photographs as well as Richard’s actual workflow.

His blog is at and he is on Twitter: @richardcurtis.

David Perry winner of $2100 of software

October 18th 2012

Group  checked out Adobe’s newest tools, some of them free, to animate and code websites: Edge Animate, Edge Inspect, Edge Code Preview, and Brackets.

Alun gave demo these new products and relayed experiences from the Create the Web day in London last week.’

+ Phillip Hind, showed how to create simple smoke effects using After Effects and Photoshop

September 20th 2012

Alun Ward, summary , invitations to speak, surgery ideas, Adobe news etc and just generally welcome everyon + sound installation talk.

Video-designer Dariusz Dziala – talked on making an animated DNA chain using After Effects CS6 Ray-traced 3D engine. The animation is a part of the design he made for “The Softening of MAO-A” performance, which was shown during the Edinburgh Fringe this year. The Ray traced 3d engine is a  new feature in After effects.

21st june 2012 – CS6 Launch






Premiere and Post Oxford, together with Digital Creatives Oxford and Flash Oxford User Group, hosted Adobe CS6 launch event on Thursday, 21st of June. During the event Richard Curtis and Iona Walters from Adobe talked about new features of the CS6 applications and introduced the Adobe Creative Cloud service.


17th May 2012

Audio & Music –  Malcolm Atkins kicked things off with a discussion and presentation of his scoring for several films. Jim Gwilliam, Neil C Smith, George Tsverik, Danny Smith and Ali Palmer-Smith then created music and audio works live (individuallly and cooperating), some of the result was posted to soundclould.

19th April 2012

Alun Ward will demoed the Photoshop CS6 beta and Glenn Clarkson talked about some of the upcoming features in Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud and their recent trip to Adobe HQ. Dariusz Dziala is going talked about upgrades to Premiere Pro and After Effects in CS6.

Jim Gwilliam, a sometime animator and film maker in Oxford. Gave an excellent talk on how to create an caharcter and animate it from scrtach in Flash during a 45 minute talk.

15th March 2012

Glenn Clarkson talked briefly about how the new CSS3 techniques can be used to add simple but effective transformations and transitions to a web page. He showed slides listing the transform syntax for rotation, skew and scaling along with the transition syntax for duration, delay and timing function.

He commented on the need for vendor specific prefixes in the mark-up as none of the current browser releases appear to support the standard only notation. Glenn also noted that the browsers still need to perfect the actual rendition of some of the effects as they do not always render as smoothly as a designer would like. He then gave a demonstration of a simple application of transform and transition working on thumbnail images which enlarged with an ease-in ease-out timing function when rolled over.

The next presentation was exclusively dedicated to sound editing with Adobe Audition. Efthymios (Tim) Chatzigiannis talked about audio restoration and sound enhancement that can be achieved with the help of the application. He played sample audio files, that needed to be repaired for reasons such as distinctive background noise, hiss, clicks, clipping or simply needed an extra touch to improve the quality of sound. The list of filters and effects that he presented included Denoiser, Hiss Reduction, DeClicker, DeClipper and the FFT filter.

Next we could get more familiar with dynamic processing and listen to the results of application of different types of compression and limitation. During this presentation Tim talked about the advantages of usage of such effects for audio enhancement and also showed how to manipulate the settings to get the best results.

16th february 2012. Glenn talked briefly about new update for Adobe Edge and new releases on AdobeTV. Richard played a Sundance video report on Adobe TV and gave a short introduction to Oxford Adobe User Groups, as we had a few new people in the audience.

Next Richard Wakefield talked about DSLR cameras and gave a few tips about colour grading. He described and presented the gear he uses for his productions, including cameras, a choice of lenses, audio equipment and his favourite camera mounts (tripod, monopod, glidetrack, glidecam).  While showing his gear Richard also explained how he creatively uses different lens and types of shots in his productions, illustrating his talk with video clips.
In  the second part of the Richard’s we had a chance to listen about the basics of the colour correction. We had a chance to hear from Richard what techniques and software he uses to get the desired look of his videos. Richard presented us how to control the image using vectorscope and waveform monitors in Adobe Premiere Pro and briefly explained how he uses the fast color corrector effect and Magic Bullet and Color Fixer Plus plugins, and how blend modes, vignetting, colour gradients, mixing channels and colour contrast effects help in colour grading tasks. At the end Richard quickly showed us how he enhances audio, using dynamic processing effects and equaliser in Adobe Premiere Pro and presented us a music video, that he recently produced.

19th January 2012.

David Perry, corporate video maker and occasional film sound recordist, talks about when and how to use different kinds of microphones and offers some practical tips to help you get great sound for your productions.Alun Ward – How to present Audio for the web. Glenn Clarkson – Latest Adobe news

15th Dec 2011.

Pub Meet at  Royal Blemhim in City Centre. Congratulations to Richard Wakefiled who won the $2100 of adobe software at the draw at our xmas pub meeting at the Royal Blenheim on the 15th Dec, more than 25 people came (lots of drinking!)

17th November 2011. Making phone apps part 2 – Alun; Adobe News – Glenn; Stavroula Kounadea is a performer and talked about making films from a performer/actor point of view; and “Slitscan”  A  look at the weird world of slitscan and how it can be achieved with After Effects and other methods – Peter Jones


15th September 2011 – Pub Social at Rusty Bike in East Oxford

21st July  The Brothers McLeod, illustrator Greg and writer Myles, talked about their latest project, a half hour comedy pilot called The Isle of Spagg. They told us how they came up with the idea, how they found the time and money to make it, and what they hope to do with it in the future. The talk will also include an exclusive screening of the finished pilot.

14th June  Neil C Smith ( talked us through his praxis framework), Tim Watts (Flash Art) , James Davies (animated music videos created in Flash, premiere & after effects), Efthymios Chatzigiannis and Dariusz Dziala gave a VJ & live music persformance and then were joined by Neil C Smith for a Jam.

16th May CS5.5 Launch, look at CS5.5 in dreamweaver, Phillip Hind (director of the ultimate survivor) on using Magic Bullet Suite with Premiere and After Effect, Creative Oxford Raffle.

21st April Gary Ombler Photoshop masterclass

7th April 2011 Adobe workflow with Red Camera system with Ed Watkins

17th March After Effects Expressions with Dariusz Dziala

17th Feb2011 Iona Fabian – Stop Motion Animation

19th January 2011 Adrian Dodds – websites without coding

15th December 2010 Adobe Groups pub social & software raffle

23rd September 2010 Illustrator talk + Flash on the Beach

22nd July 2010 Adobe Group Pub Social – Far from the Madding Crowd

22nd June 2010 CS5 Launch Party Malmaison Hotel

22nd May 2010 Jodie O Rouke – Open Sourse Media Network

5th May 2010 Andrew Shorten – Flash & Flex

15th April 2010 Flash & Flex talk

25th March 2010 Keylight in After Effects + Prezi & Browser Lab

26th February 2010 Camtasi & Flash Surgery

21st January 2010 Premiere – intro to nesting & blending + Mercury Playback engine

+ many events in 2008 & 2009




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