Film Oxford runs three introductory production courses: Shooting Video, (33 hours teaching)   Introduction to Digital Video, (11 hours teaching)  3 Day Video Production Course. (15hours teaching)

Shooting Video is our main digital video production course. It concentrates on making a narrative-based digital video production (usually a drama). Typical reasons for students taking this course include: *wanting a taste of what film and TV production is like *aspiring to make videos that tell a story *being students of full-time media courses elsewhere and wanting practical production experience *having a digital camera and wanting to add a professional touch to family or holiday films * They are an artist or have an artistic leaning. *having photographic experience and wanting to try moving image *looking to get into film school *being interested in narrative production but wanting to develop their visual style. Shooting Video is aimed at confident beginners and suits those with good computer literacy.

Introduction to Digital Video is a taster course, if you want to dip your toe in the water to see if it is for you. You won’t make a stand alone film together but you will do some practical shooting and editing sessions. It’s fun and much more laid back than Shooting Video. It is also less important to have good computer skills (although none of our courses are suitable for people who have no computer skills). Some people find it very useful to take this course because they want to improve their home video making techniques, however we cannot offer specific training on your own brands of camera and software, but instead seek to show the commonality that exists between all cameras and editing software. It is a great complementary course to Shooting Video, many people do Introduction to Digital Video followed by Shooting Video.

3 Day Video Production Course is a new 3 day, weekday daytime course, and aims at people who particularly find this slot fits in with their lives. You do make a short film but it is not as in depth as Shooting Video, however it is a great complementary course to Shooting Video, so you can do 3 Day Video Production Course followed by Shooting Video.  It has a special reduction for people on benefits. Reel Women is a women only version of  3 Day Video Production Course and runs once a year during international Women’s Week in March.

We classify 3 Day Video Production Course and Introduction to Digital Video (under our own scale) as taster or courses.

For more help choosing a course see our Course Guide

(Please note, filmmaking is in its very nature a collaborative business not an individual pursuit and all these courses involve participants working together. Another popular misconception among people new to filmmaking is that you must use one or other brand of camera, computer or software. To reflect Industry we use a variety of cameras, computer brands and software on these courses. We aim to teach you the craft of filmmaking, the principals of which you need to know before going on to specialise later. Some brands use marketing techniques to newcomers saying they are the only professional filmmaking brand, this is simply not True!)

Film Oxford is near the “Iffley Road” where many of Oxfords Bed and Breakfasts are situated:

Bed and Breakfasts + Hotels

Browns B&B is very near, recently upgraded and now with “Silvie’s café” www.brownsoxford.com

Acorn Guest House, also very near, has a cheaper single room https://www.oxford-acorn.co.uk/

Heather House also has a cheaper single room, (a little further away than other two) www.heatherhouseoxford.com

Oxford Tourist Information Tel: +44 (0)1865 252 200  http://www.experienceoxfordshire.org/

Premiere Inn http://www.premierinn.com/en/hotel/OXFLON/oxford

Out of town Travelodge (cheaper than Oxford one but you need a car, 5 miles from Oxford) Wheatley Travelodge

The University colleges in Oxford also rent out spare student rooms, many of the Individuals colleges can be contacted direct but this website seems  to offer central booking, although it is not run by the University itself? http://www.universityrooms.com/en/city/oxford/home

Lots of people coming to Film Oxford now seem to be using AirBnB, a website that lets you book cheap rooms in peoples houses, there are lots in Oxford including some very near to Film Oxford https://www.airbnb.co.uk/

Oxford City Website

Google Map for B&B near OX4 3AH


Oxford YHA Youth Hostel 01865 727275

Central Backpackers 01865 242228

Funky Hostels


Nearby campsite Oxford Campsite 01865 244088

We get some subsidy via Oxfordshire & Skills & Learning Service (OSLS), proof is required, usually a reasonably recent document scanned and emailed us (A good picture from a mobile phone is also OK). Criteria is not ours and often changes, and is listed on each course page.

See Main Courses page https://www.filmoxford.org/training/

If you can see the course dates, on the main courses page of the Film Oxford web site, then there are places available for that course. Once a course becomes full, the course dates are replaced with “fully booked”. To book ckleic the Book Now button at the top of each course page, to be taken to the booking for

Film Oxford only runs part-time short courses; see each courses further info for dates and times filmoxford.org/training/. We run no full-time courses. We do not usually recommend someone travelling to Oxford from outside EU just for one of our short courses, and suggest a full-time course may be more appropriate. (See BFI or National Film and TV School on our links page for other places offering courses.)

None of our courses will make you eligible for a UK student visa, to get a visa you must take a full-time class.

If however you are coming to Oxford (or nearby) anyway, perhaps to study at the university or other establishment or for a holiday, then you will be more than welcome. (You might need a tourist visa if coming on a holiday)

Due to a number of attempted fraudulent transactions our online payments company won’t accept payments from the following countries: Ukraine, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Morocco, Vietnam, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Israel, Iran, Cameroon, Gambia and Ghana

Film Oxford’s goal is to provide a route for all participants to “Train, Network, Create and Exhibit” in order to develop new skills, make new contacts and build a portfolio of work they can share. This Portfolio is usually made of “short films” they have worked on, often edited together to form a “showreel”, but could also be sample screenplays, or a portfolio of specialist work such as motion graphics work, examples of costume design or make‐up.

Another very important area for the new filmmaker is “Credits”! You get a “credit” by performing a role in a film, these will appear in the film’s credits, (even runners are credited). If the film is “successful” e.g. it is shown at a Film Festival or wins an award then this “enhances” your credit. (E.g. I was Assistant Director on an awardwinning film!)

These new skills, evidenced by Showreel and Credits, can then be used to gain work (freelance or employment), encourage people to start their own businesses/production companies, enhance their current work, or get involved with volunteering in their communities. Many people also want to make films as an exciting, creative, social and fulfilling hobby, or part of personal development.

General Film Oxford


Film Oxford aims to enrich the public’s knowledge of film and digital media by providing training, encouraging production and promoting exhibition.(Underpinning our work is a commitment to equal opportunities and positively encouraging individuals from socially or economically marginalised groups.)

Our Vision
“A vibrant community of film makers transforming lives.”

Film Oxford is a hub for film and digital media
Our goal is to provide a route for all stakeholders to “Learn, Network, Create and Exhibit” in order to develop new skills, make new contacts and build a portfolio of work they can share.

Our Ambitions
I. An Alternative Affordable Digital Film School for adult learners
II. Supporting young people to become the next generation of Filmmakers and Digital Creatives
III. A commitment to building partnerships with arts and community organisations in order to deliver creative activities
IV. A Centre for Learning Disabled Digital Artists & Filmmakers

To get a bus from town centre, catch “Route 3” heading to Rosehill. Get off at Howard Street. Walk up Howard Street (outside a small co-op shop), Film Oxford is on Corner first on Left, on corner of Howard Street and Catherine Street (next to Community Garden). (See Oxford Bus and Stagecoach links below)

Bus from Railway Station (this has recently changed, updated info below)

Oxford Bus Company buses leave from Railways Station

Oxford Bus Company – Route is City 5 , towards Blackbird leys

http://city.oxfordbus.co.uk/timetables-fares/ see all Oxford Bus company routes here.

The City 5 goes up the “Cowley Road”, ask driver to drop you off at Howard Street. Walk down Howard Street to Catherine Street corner. (5th street on right)

Stagecoach also have buses go from City Centre to Blackbird Leys via Cowley Road (also route 5)

https://www.stagecoachbus.com/timetables See all Stagecoach routes here (search “Oxford 5”)

Although there are 2 main bus companies in Oxford (Oxford Bus Company & Stagecoach), a return ticket bought on one can be used on the other.

Oxford Rail Station – http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/stations/OXF.html

24 hour london Bus The Oxford Tube leaves every 20 mins from central and west London including Marble Arch and Victoria.

Oxford Bus Company also has a similar bus called the X90

Yes we do!

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Filmmakers and production companies can search for those skills and offer you paid work, collaboration or work experience.

Film Oxford Facebook Page

Film Oxford Facebook Group

Film Oxford Twitter

Film Oxford Youtube channel

We want you to receive the best possible service from Film Oxford.  If something happens that you’re not happy about, please let us know so we can try to deal with the problem.

We hope that most problems can be sorted out by talking to the member of staff concerned.  But if that’s not possible, you can contact the Centre Director.

Your complaint should be in writing, so that we’ve got a record of it.  Please write to the Centre Director at:

FILM OXFORD, 55 Catherine Street, Oxford OX4 3AH.

The Centre Director will look into your complaint and reply within seven working days.

If you need help to write your letter, please contact FILM OXFORD on 01865 792731 and we will put you in touch with someone who can help e.g. a local advice or information centre.

If you are unhappy with the Centre Director’s reply, you can contact the board of trustees of FILM OXFORD.  Write to them at CHAIR OF TRUSTEES, FILM OXFORD (address above) and a trustee will look into your complaint.

If this does not resolve the problem then a panel of trustees will be set up to meet with you.  The panel will normally be made up of two or three trustees. They will take appropriate professional advice and the decision of the panel will be final.

All complaints will be treated as confidential.  However, if you make a complaint against a member of staff or a volunteer they will have the right to see all the documentation, including your letters.

We encourage all learners to travel to us by public transport, but if it is necessary for you to travel by car we do have a small car park at the back of Film Oxford: the entrance is in Catherine St. Once the car park is full drivers will need to find on-street parking; there is a Controlled Parking Zone in force in the immediate area, but there is unrestricted parking available nearby on Howard St up to its junction with Cricket Rd, and Cricket Rd itself. We also have bicycle rings along our wall.

There are quite a few places you can eat 5 minutes from Film Oxford.

Film Oxford is on the corner of Catherine Street and Howard Street.

If you walk down Howard Street (in same direction as one way traffic), you will come to a Local Co-op supermarket that sells snacks and sandwiches and has a free cash-point.  There is also a nice Chip Shop (not open Sundays) and a small post office that sells snacks and sandwiches (made by a local bakery). If you walk up Howard Street the other way there is “The Everest” Nepalese restaurant.

If you travel down to the other end of Catherine Street (where it meets Magdalen Road), directly opposite is “The Rusty Bike Pub” which does meals and bar snacks. Just to the right of Catherine Street is Magic Cafe, which does home cooked vegetarian food (not open Sundays), and to the left and over the road is Oxfork Cafe


Film Oxford specialises in making productions for charities, NGOs, community organisations, local government and other non-commercial organisations. To discuss your needs email Gary Shenton production@filmoxford.org or call him on 01865 792731

See https://www.filmoxford.org/production-services/

Join Film Oxford  emailing list we regularly post out call from filmmakers seeking crew, cast, writers and collaborators. 

You can also email our production development manager Gary Shenton.


If you are on facebook, you can join our facebook group and post a request directly into the group, many people find this the best way of getting a response quickly.

Or if you don’t want to join the group, as it is a one-off, just send me a small ad with contact details, I can cut and paste it into the group for you. We can’t send out any attachments like PDF’s.

Also if you tweet your request with @filmoxford included in your tweet, we will retweet to our followers.

If you are looking for a lot of different talent and/or crew, (perhaps because you are shooting a short locally, and it isn’t last minute request) we can also post out on our email list. You will need to send me an ad about the film and exactly what crew/talent you are after, as well as your preferred  contact details those interested can reach you on.

Another idea, get the skills yourself by taking one of our courses https://www.filmoxford.org/training
(If you are a beginner, most people take this as their first course https://www.filmoxford.org/course/shooting-video-our-main-beginners-production-course ). More information on choosing a course can be found in our Course Guide

If you up for face-to-face networking we run several groups, one called “OPEN SCREEN” (a kind of “Open Mic Night” for people interested in showing and watching short films, see https://www.filmoxford.org/open-screen and  https://www.facebook.com/groups/FilmOxford10x10/ or email zoe, zoe@urchin.info), “Digital Film Editors” (post production group – also called Adobe groups https://www.filmoxford.org/adobeusergroups/), Production Group” (working on making shorts https://www.facebook.com/groups/220330258140862/) and “Screenwriters” (writing features and shorts https://www.filmoxford.org/film-oxford-screenwriting-group/). All are advertised on our website with their own page, or in news section https://www.filmoxford.org/news/ or via Our main facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/filmoxford/.


Sound-Motive – Corporate video –soundmotive.tv 

landmark films – TV Documentary –  http://www.landmarkfilms.com/

Quicksilver – TV Documentary – http://www.quicksilvermedia.tv/

Silverlight – feature consultants – http://www.silverlightmedia.com/

moving target – documentary – movingtargetfilms.com

Novel entertainment – childrens tv – http://www.novelentertainment.co.uk/

Audiomotion – Film & TV Motion Capture Studio http://www.audiomotion.com/

Oxford Film Studios – Studio hire including Greenscreen & cameras http://www.oxfordfilmstudios.com/

Oxford Digital Media http://www.oxforddigitalmedia.co.uk

Vebu – vebu.co.uk/video-production-oxford

further afield

Pinewood studios group – http://www.pinewoodgroup.com/

Requirement for location filming

Film Oxford uses broker James Hallam who supply our PLI from Hiscox

Other options is to join an organisation that offers it as part of their membership benefits

BECTU is the Filmamkers Union in the UK, and probably best option for asn individual freelancer, as it is union membership with public liability as a small optional add on – see
Obviously there is a lot of other benefits to joining a union other than insurance (eg training, dispute solving, advice etc)
Another option is a-n which is aimed at artists but could also be for filmmakers
If you google public liability, or film insurance you will get lots of answers –
One that comes up a lot is IMS Film Insurance but we have no knowledge on this company other than they are also members of “Shooting People” like Film Oxford.


If you are on facebook, you can join our facebook group and post a request directly into the group, many people find this the best way of getting a response quickly.

Also if you tweet your request with @filmoxford in your tweet, we will retweet to our followers.

Film Oxford does not do this

A good cheap local duplication and transfer company we use is  The Duplication Centre, they offer 10% off to Film Oxford users. http://www.theduplicationcentre.co.uk/

Also Computer assistance also acts as an agent for a company that does all sorts of transfers from current and long forgotten formats including super 8, Hi-8 or VHS to DVD. http://www.computerassistance.uk.com/ (I notice that Boswell’s  in Oxford also do a similar thing).

For copying DVDs most home computers will do this – if yours doesn’t you can upgrade to a DVD burner for about £20 (again ask advice at Computer assistance). For copying the analogue formats like VHS, buy a usb analogue capture device, try Amazon I have seen several including one called easyCAP for 5.99 pounds including software.

The main company for all thing super 8 in the UK is the Widescreen Centre http://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/Catalogue/Motion_picture_division.html

(This includes national hire companies that deliver) Film Oxford takes no responsibility for information contained on the external links listed below:

722027 (Light & Sound Hire) http://www.722027.co.uk/home

CAV (City Audio Visual) http://www.cityav.co.uk/html/equipment_hire.html

Startech (Lighting Equipment) http://startechproductions.co.uk

Mediadog http://www.mediadoghire.com/category/17

Panny Hire http://www.pannyhire.co.uk/

DV Camera Hire http://www.dvcamerahire.co.uk

Hire a Camera http://www.hireacamera.com/index.asp

Video4hire http://www.vid4hire.co.uk/

CVP AV hire http://www.cvpoxford.co.uk/


Film Oxford screen films in Oxford at Venues like the UPP, The Pegasus Theatre, The Phoenix Picturehouse and at Film Oxford its self. We also screen work at outdoors in local Parks and  Summer Music Festivals in Leeds and Reading. We also screen work with other organisations around the County. Film Oxford also runs networking nights  OPEN SCREEN” (a kind of “Open Mic Night” for people interested in showing and watching short films, see https://www.filmoxford.org/open-screen.  To be informed of all these events and more, make certain you join Film Oxford  emailing list and regularly check the news section of the web site.

Film Oxford runs several screening opportunities for independent filmmakers, particularly OPEN SCREEN” (a kind of “Open Mic Night” for people interested in showing and watching short filsee https://www.filmoxford.org/open-screen

There are some other screening opportinitys cotact Gary Shenton

Film Oxford also screen work at Reading & Leeds Music festivals and we are interested in screening films that will that will play well to a music festival crowd. (e.g. Films that are short, snappy, fun and cool).

Contact Geron Swann

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