Final Cut Pro Editing

Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) offers features such as Magnetic Timeline, Content Auto-Analysis and background rendering. It is a trackless 64-bit application with Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL support, allowing it to scale and use all available cores for processing such as rendering and transcoding. FCP X supports up to 5K resolutions. It can also prepare footage for quick, automatic fixes of defects such as camera shake, rolling shutter and color balance. Audio can also be analysed  to automatically remove hums, pops or other noticeable defects and to assign channel configurations.

Editing with Final Cut Pro X

This course is designed for beginners.

Learn how to ingest footage and edit, add transitions, titles and effects. Learn how to Synchronise Multi cam footage and edit sound . Finally learn about and outputting your finished project to various media.

Features Include:

  • Magnetic Timeline: Edits footage in a storyline without knocking any other clips or audio out of place at other points of the Timeline. Clips now automatically slide in place of gaps. Clips are also now connected to each other; when one clip is moved, the other clip(s) move in sync with it.
  • Multi cam: The multi cam tool, available from version 10.0.3, supports up to 64 angles of photos and videos. It also automatically aligns footage based on time of day, timecode, markers, or audio waveforms, individually or in various customisable combinations.
  • Compound Clips: A new feature to FCP X that allows multiple video and audio clips to be combined into one for simplicity.
  • Merged Clips: This process takes multiple video and audio clips and creates a new Compound Clip containing them all. It synchronises them by comparing audio so that audio recorded on one device and video (also containing audio) recorded on another device can be merged. This is especially useful for those producing with DSLR video cameras.
  • Database Engine: Apple’s own Core Data database engine has been incorporated into FCP X, handling media and metadata management, helping to organise clips quickly with more extensive and customisable metadata abilities than previously.
Course Content

Subjects covered will include, Digitising Footage, Editing, Transitions, Sound Mixing , Compression, Digital Effects.

Film Oxford also runs an edting weekend on Adobe Premiere Pro (MAC or PC)


£149 (includes 10% early booking discount)

£165 Full Price

£129 Discount for NUS Students and people on following means tested benefits, proof required: ESA (income related); Income Support; Working Tax Credit (not child tax credit); Council Tax Benefit (not student/single person/reduction due to disability); Housing Benefit; Pension Credit (guarantee); Unwaged Dependent of these benefits.

All Film Oxford Courses are subsidised by Oxfordshire Adult Learning

Tutor – Iona Fabian

Iona Fabian has 19 years experience working in the media industry. After three years working on all stages of production for a Corporate Video Company, she decided to go freelance and has worked on a wide range of projects, Producing, Directing, Camera Operating, Sound Recording, Editing, Animating and Creating Motion Graphics and Special Effects. She has experience of Lo-Budget through to Broadcast production, and of working with professionals and beginners. She is currently enjoying working with DSLR cameras, and developing ‘filmic’ looks in Post Production. Clients include ITV, Ugandan Television, The Royal College of Surgeons, Butterworth-Heinemann, Mercruiser, and she has worked with Tom Hollander, Griff Rhys-Jones and Newton Faulkner.

Iona has also been involved in training and education throughout this time, training professionals and beginners in many different contexts. She was very involved with the Creative Partnership Scheme working in schools, has been involved with several Firstlight Projects and teaches at Film Oxford, as well as individual professional training.


The Course

Understanding how FCP X works:

Taking a tour of the FCP X interface

Organising Your Project in the Event Library

Organising footage with keywords and ratings)


Basic Editing

Playing and marking clips

Understanding different types of editing tools

Using Overwrite and Replace edits

Moving clips within the primary storyline

Snapping, skimming, zooming, and panning


Refining the Edit

Trimming clips: Using the Ripple tool

Manipulating transitions: Using the Roll tool

Changing clip content and position: Performing Slip and Slide edits

Using the Precision Editor for fine trimming control


Connected Clips and Secondary Story lines

Connecting clips to the primary storyline

Working with secondary story-lines


Basic Audio Editing

Adjusting the audio level and channel configuration via the Inspector

Key framing audio in the timeline

Syncing audio from multiple sources



Auditioning clips to try multiple editing options

Working with markers

Customising the keyboard and workspace


Multi cam Editing

Syncing multi cam group clips

Performing a multi cam edit


Working with Effects

Working with basic motion effects

Using motion effects with still photos and graphics

Adding and adjusting transition effects

Adding and adjusting video effects

Key framing video and audio effects over time

Copying and pasting effect properties

Creating and adjusting titles

Using speed effects to retime clip

Working with layered Photoshop files


Basic Color Correction

Using color correction templates

Managing Media and Project Data

Managing events between different drives and destinations


Sharing and Exporting

Sharing projects using presets

Exporting a hi-res QuickTime movi

Using Compressor to export with custom settings



Learn about additional Software



and useful Third-Party tools such as: Event Manager (Intelligent Assistance) and Plural Eyes (Red Giant Software



Nick – I just wanted to say a big thank you for the FCPX course last weekend. I gleaned so much information from the course and got all I needed regarding file management, syncing sound and multicam work. 

L.O. – An interactive class, loved it.

Jonathan – This course taught me everything I hoped to learn about Final Cut Pro

Simon – Very useful, it gave me what I needed. The tutor was very skilful and knew all the answers

Vivian – What I learned will be very useful at work. The tutor was available to answer questions and gave clear explanations

Mervi – The tutor was enthusiastic and presented the material in a clear and kind manner


This is one of our adult training courses so please note that participants need to be 18 years and above, for information about all of our youth activities see Youth page

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